Morgellons? Genetically modified organisms? Weaponized murder via ’natural‘ causes? Why does no one on a position to help believe me?

Tortured, Drugged & Bugged! Targeting, Gang-Stalking, Covert Drugging, HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION, Morgellons Microwaves, Energetic, Entomological, and Genetic weapons, the silent warfare of Mind Control in America & abroad. Illuminating darkness: By Timothy Trespas, an innocent human victim of the New World Order.

Timothytrespas a targeted human being dying from being exposed to morgellons and microwaves and gmo and lord know what else is attempting to get a doctor or psychiatrist or dermatologist or anyone who may be able to help him save his own life, or at least deal with the pain and suffering dying from exposure to this causes.
But for some reason no doctor will take me seriously
Are they that closed minded?
Were they trained wrong?
Are they part of a conspiracy?
Did someone with authority tell them to disregard it?
Why would they rather diagnose me as crazy and leave me to be sick dying and in pain than actually open their eyes and minds for a few moments and look and learn and begin to believe that there is at least something weird here
And I need help
Not the kind of help they give to…

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Science. Not Fiction. #skywatchMARL

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