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posted by Asura March 27, 2013


Given that we, as a society are lead and mislead and misdirected through manipulating our fears, Chemtrails are a leading contender of the list of misdirections within the “truth” movement as a whole, objectivity is required to interpret the information without fear.

It all started in 1996 when the military released a document called “Owning The Weather”

Two years later the psy-op disinformation campaign had begun… Given that a person has no idea what is going on all they have to do is come up with another assumption on why it’s being done… Rather than actually figure it out… If it was being done in the first place… right?

Who is “Deep Sky
text –

……. – so there had to be some other purpose behind the sprayings. It is significant that many of the exercises were conducted out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Ohio, which, according to Thomas, “has long been deeply engaged in HAARP’s electromagnetic warfare program.””

At this point “deep sky” must know he’s talking to someone who is not well informed because he goes on to talk about how Aluminum is being used in these tests… What’s going to happen if you want to do a test to look for aluminum in just about any material on Earth? Well… therein lies a very large problem… Aluminum is EVERYWHERE NATURALLY IN ABUNDANCE… LITERALLY... What a better way to scare the shit out of somebody than by telling someone the government is dropping Aluminum from the sky, everywhere you test you’re going to find it… Any burning of fossil fuels and coal will spread Aluminum into the atmosphere…
Text –

“Aluminum has been identified in at least 596 of the 1,699 hazardous waste sites that have been proposed for inclusion on the EPA National Priorities List (NPL) (HazDat 2008). However, the number of sites evaluated for Aluminum is not known. The frequency of these sites can be seen in Figure 6-1. Of these sites, 590 are located within the United States, 2 are located in Guam, 3 are located in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and 1 is located in the Virgin Islands (not shown). Aluminum is the most abundant metal and the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust, comprising about 8.8% by weight (88 g/kg). It is never found free in nature and is found in most rocks, particularly igneous rocks as aluminosilicate minerals (Lide 2005; Staley and Haupin 1992). Aluminum is also present in air, water, and many foods. Aluminum enters environmental media naturally through the weathering of rocks and minerals. Anthropogenic releases are in the form of air emissions, waste water effluents, and solid waste primarily associated with industrial processes, such as aluminum production. Because of its prominence as a major constituent of the earth’s crust, natural weathering processes far exceed the contribution of releases to air, water, and land associated with human activities (Lantzy and MacKenzie 1979). The behavior of aluminum in the environment depends upon its coordination chemistry and the characteristics of the local environment, especially pH. The major features of the biogeochemical cycle of aluminum include leaching of aluminum from geochemical formations and soil particulates to aqueous environments, adsorption onto soil or sediment particulates, and wet and dry deposition from the air to land and surface water. Generally, Aluminum is not bioaccumulated to a significant extent. However, certain plants can accumulate high concentrations of Aluminum. For example, tea leaves may contain very high concentrations of aluminum, >5,000 mg/kg in old leaves (Dong et al. 1999). Other plants that may contain high levels of aluminum include Lycopodium (Lycopodiaceae), a few ferns, Symplocos (Symplocaceae), and Orites (Proteaceae) (Jansen et al. 2002). Aluminum does not appear to accumulate to any significant degree in cow’s milk or beef tissue and is, therefore, not expected to undergo biomagnification in terrestrial food chains (DOE 1984). Similarly, because of its toxicity to many aquatic organisms, including fish, aluminum does not bioconcentrate in aquatic organisms to any significant degree (Rosseland et al. 1990). ”

So what do you think?

A few hundred years of burning fossil fuels into the atmosphere isn’t going to make aluminum concentration even higher than it’s supposed to be? no matter where you test? Hhmmmm… Do you mean to tell me that if I want to do a “chemtrail” test that my data is completely messed up because Aluminum exists everywhere in abundance? That’s right… Testing for Aluminum is not proof of chemtrails… There goes a few hundred videos debunked… While we are on the subject of testing… Lets go for Barium.

A coal plant may produce 1.4million pounds of Barium every single year, even though there is a push for decommissioning in 2012 there are still 572 coal plants in operation in the US ALONE… that’s about 800 million pounds of Barium from coal plants per year in the US ALONE… Barium is not an indication of chemtrails, Barium has been a pollutant since the industrial revolution…

A commonly used meme in the chemtrail theory are the photos of barrels on aircraft. These are used in testing to see how the aircraft performs under different weight loads. pumping water into different barrels to imitate a higher weightload at the rear/front, sides etc.  –


Another Common misconception is that Contrails are only caused by Jet exhaust, and didnt occur until recently.
Memphis Belle WWII Bomber Contrails – 1944

“Beyond the day-to-day dangers of burning coal to produce energy, there is the devastating impact of plant malfunctions. In December 2008, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) reported the failure of a holding pond used by a coal-fired electric plant. When heavy rains washed away the holding-pond dike, more than 2.2 million pounds of hazardous waste flooded 300 acres in east Tennessee. Even after the best cleanup effort, the area will remain polluted with dangerous byproducts for decades.

It remains impossible to quantify the amount of poisons released by the above incident, but in one year, this plant reportedly produced 45,000 pounds of arsenic, 49,000 pounds of lead, 1.4 million pounds of barium, 91,000 pounds of chromium, and 140,000 pounds of manganese, much of this held in the holding pond and all of which can cause cancer, liver damage, neurological trauma and more. The TVA, in conjunction with the EPA, warned that pets and children should avoid contact with the toxic materials.

The EPA reported that high levels of arsenic, lead and thallium were found in samples taken from downstream water sources, where hundreds of dead fish were found. While the authority is using heavy construction equipment to address the cleanup efforts, officials cannot predict how long it will take nor the final costs involved.”

“As of 2012, there are 572 operational coal plants in the U.S.”
– – private

Lets go back to our psy-operator “Deep Sky”

In the link above the writer went on to mention a random opinion of his… An opinion that has no backing whatsoever, there is no evidence of it, so why does anybody believe in it? That opinion was:

What I’m convinced of now, is that the widespread flu-like and Alzheimer’s symptoms have been mere side effects of the sprayed chemicals, and not the direct purpose of the spraying.  The extensive use of aluminum oxide, found as the primary component of these reflective clouds, does have serious medical side effects and may well explain the upsurge in Alzheimer’s disease in the US–which is reaching epidemic proportions. I think it is also clear that the government has been experimenting with different types and mixes of chemicals, which explains why the observations and effects differ over time. Several years ago, there were many sightings of sticky droplets falling from the sky, trailing spider-web-like strands behind. Upon contact they made people very ill. Later chemical analysis has shown a lot of aluminum oxide and micro fibers, also composed of barium and aluminum. People living under these spray patterns have developed Alzheimer’s-like symptoms.

2,300 lb. / min was given as an example

As an example of fuel dumping…
Anytime a plane takes off and has any sort of issue right after takeoff it has to return and dump.

“Residents in the vicinity of Newark International Airport were complaining about the smell of gas Sunday afternoon after a Boeing 777 dumped 170,000 pounds of jet fuel into the air while preparing for an emergency landing. The plane, carrying 269 passengers bound for Tokyo, returned to the airport less than an hour after takeoff yesterday because of a “hydraulic problem.” But before it could touch down, it needed to lighten up by emptying its fuel tanks over the Garden State.”

Aircraft Pollution in tons per year over NYC alone.
Landing & Takeoffs (LTOs) 383,206 452,950
Volatile Organic Compounds 3,025 4,839
Carbon Monoxide 8,712 12,808
Nitrogen Oxides 5,729 9,574
Sulfur Dioxide 270 364

A new study based on historical data examines Allied air raids, including one on May 11, 1944, in which 1,980 aircraft took flight into Germany. Behind the planes, witnesses described the sky turning white, and temperature records show that the air turned slightly, but significantly, cooler.

Thanks to Asura of Occupy Tesla for this article



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